William has changed

The experience of five weeks or so on the Professional Writing MA has inevitably had an affect. This has shown itself in the probable death of the old William and the possible creation of a new character in a book aimed at the 9-11 market.
William is in his final year at primary school. He is bright and, like so many, is not finding himself stretched, and this gives scope for other things. A new girl arrived at school this term and William has noticed how she appears each day at school: tired (you can see grey bags under her eyes), her teeth are dreadful and clothes seldom changed or clean. She is funny though and there seems to be an empathy between her and William - nothing more. A very strange argument is raging among the other children. Someone has brought into school a life size stuffed doll and have asked the children to write stories about him. The awkward aspect of this is that some of the younger ones have come to believe that he is real; that he has a story of things that actually happened. This is perhaps just kids letting their imagination wander, but there is a danger which William and can see all too clearly. The manikin looks like a man of about forty. What if some of the younger ones begin to feel safe with such a person. What about pedophiles? His new friend argues forceably that this is healthy and not all men have to be so labelled.
The book will seek to explore this delicate area offering readers sound guidance but at the same time supporting realistic thought combined with vivid imagination.


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