The course so far

As an aside to the William preparation, I wanted to reflect on where we have got to so far.
The first week represented for me a first serious attempt to grasp the ideas of story and plot; this will continue and deepen next week and until Christmas.
The work on rhetoric is enabling me to organise my thoughts on paper much more effectively. It is learning through one's mistakes! The history of language leading into sentence structure and word roots and selection is a whole new world and fascinating, but also useful as writing becomes more of a conscious process. The usefulness of the work on grammar and punctuation is evidence of an ill spent childhood.
The work on differentiating kernel and satellite events helps the process of story. The analysis of fairytale will, I suspect, link into myth. The exercise in genre is valuable in exploring the range of one's voice. Work on pov is yet another discipline to tighten up our writing.
The sessions on business writing and script writing were illuminating but that on children's writing offered another valuable angle to the discipline of writing.


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