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William the builder

He came from the slums of Leicester and developed a passion for building. He wanted people to live in decent surroundings. He was a follower of Wakely. He worked his way up through the trades to the point that he was designing houses. He make take the plunge to become an architect (see what the barriers were) Either way he builds beautiful houses. The first bombing raids of the war destroyed some. Was he more concerned about the occupants or the house? Eventually to leaves his profitable business and joins the RAF as air crew. He is shot down in France which is where he meets Brigitte.

William's story - further thoughts

There would seem to be merit in placing William in the places that did well in the 1930s. This could be the motor industry given where he lives (Leicester) or textiles, but what about building? There is something about 1930s architecture that is self confident and stretching and this sits side by side what now looks steady house building but then provided quite literally a life saver to many overcrowded towns. he will be faced by a dilemma when war time comes. There is plenty of building to be done but also a war to be fought. Can his vanity tempt him to become aircrew?

But I was happy in my short story

You know what he did? Well, smart arse writer wants to spread his wings and decides that I am the one to lead the charge, so to speak. I told him I was perfectly happy as I was, one or two nice little transactions, discreet, keep your head down. But no, off to France and some little French number. I have to confess that tempted me, being something of a ladies man. The real problem was this business of being involved in the war. I has it sussed you see, I was to be a conscy, join the home guard and keep the businesses ticking over. His idea was that I was to be air crew lost over France.